We Have Free Wordpress Plugins for Everyone

Our plugins are designed to be useful to anyone, no matter your skill in web design or what language you speak. On top of their versaitility comes new features such as mobile phone and voice command compatibility.

We Have More Free Plugins for You

Go ahead and download either of our top plugins (Magic and ShareAll.) From within them you can give us a shout. Both of our plugins are designed to also be able to provide a lot of support regarding your needs and may even include what you're looking for already. There's simply too many features included to mention!

Be Part of Our Community

Once you've installed any of our plugins to your Wordpress, you're automatically part of our community. With this membership comes special access to unique features of any other website that runs our plugins and enables these abilities. Link your websites in a partnership, automatically receive updates from your favorite sites. Anything is possible with our plugins.

Plugin Details

Our plugins automatically update and include many features from our original plugins that you may already know and love. If you have any of those, installing our new plugin will give you VIP access to beta features as well as a special badge you can display for your veteranship.