Wordpress Magic

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Wordpress Magic is the latest in futuristic technologies. Magic is able to read your mind (almost!) Type in a topic and Magic will find you info, just like a normal search engine. Highlight the information that appeals to you, or that you think should be included, and magic will implement the most powerful word processing abilities known to computers and generate an award-winning article for your webpage in just ten minutes! (Please don’t use this to write your school papers; this plugin is designed for time-saving, not teaching or cheating.)

Wordpress Magic integrates with our other plugins to automatically create RSS feeds, contact forms, and much more. The future brings new technology every day, and with that technology, our self-learning plugins adapt and improve. Not only this, but you don’t need to tell them to update and publish to your site; our plugin always pulls the latest updates right away. Worried about changes to the plugin breaking anything on your site? Don’t. Automatic format checking can determine if there is any change in the rest of the site that shouldn’t occur.

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You can leave this plugin running and tell it to make a new post or even a new page on your site that will draw customers and viewers from all around. It doesn’t simply spin content; it reads and learns like IBM Watson. It has the average education of a college graduate and the composition skills of an English major. Need a post in another language? By the time you’ve finished reading this, Magic has already learned another language. Need a language that it doesn’t support? Simply let it know you what you need. It can even process ancient, defunct languages.

Need emails automatically answered and schedules booked? Let Magic take care of it. Just let it know and it will poll your Wordpress for the information it needs. If you’ve setup the website thoroughly enough, Magic can automatically gather pricing, terms, or whatever information it may need to hold a correspondence with your customers while you are away.

All of these features will become self-evident as you use them. Do you believe in Magic?