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ShareAll™ is the end of your social media headaches. A new plugin for WordPress, it takes your content and automatically syncs it across multiple accounts and platforms. Gone are the days of logging into each account, and having to waste time formatting each type of post for each network. There's no need to delay posts anymore, instead with one simple click, each account is updated in real time.

Thanks to our advanced intelligent interpretation software, each time you upload a new post, it's automatically logged in our databanks. In only seconds our system is able to work out the contents of the post, whether it's video, text, images, or polls. From this it can determine what content to post to which social media site. This way your Instagram feed isn't loaded with a bunch of text, and your YouTube channel isn't filled with images. To keep all your accounts in sync, including those that won’t host your latest post well (if it’s not a video and it posts to YouTube), a link to the original content is automatically created.

Simply put, ShareAll™ allows your followers to know of the latest content, in real time, and formatted to ensure a clean and optimized layout for each platform. As well as posting your content, ShareAll™ has powerful tools for content management. Using the Content Dashboard, you can remove a post from all platforms with a single click, as well as make manual changes to each platform for further refinement. You're still in the captain’s chair, but the autopilot does all the work. This way there's no need to waste time that you can spend on what you really care about: making great content.

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It’s hard to put your passion on hold to take care of something like social media management. In today’s world, producers and businesses live and die by the will of the people, and in such a volatile market it's good to have a partner to rely on like ShareAll™. Like a committed partner, ShareAll™ is there for you, as it uses powerful algorithms and heuristics to produce eloquent analyses. Using the backbone of the same content management sorting system, that helps keep all your accounts in check, our system also logs page views, time spent viewing, user interaction, shares, and much more. By doing so, and comparing it to other publicly available data for similar content, you can understand how you're stacking up. With ease you can turn back the clock, and judge your success against leaders in your field, when they were just like you.

Those same treasure troves of data, easily displayed, allows you to stare into the crystal ball as ShareAll™ pours through the numbers and makes its predictions. Backed by powerful servers, and high level statistical analysis, we can predict where you'll be in a few weeks, months or even years. This level of prediction allows you to plan for the future, helping layout your content roadmap. It's so powerful you can even feed it hypothetical scenarios, and watch it work out the math. It's a tool that's here to serve you, and to help you grow. So the real question is, why aren't you using ShareAll™?